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you are

You are an ambitious millennial woman who is educated, and hardworking. You envision yourself as a successful leader or entrepreneur in your industry, but you feel like your people-pleasing tendencies hold you back from reaching your full potential.

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You are highly motivated and
driven to succeed,
and you are always looking for ways to improve yourself and
your skills. Now you just need expert guidance to break free from these mental blocks.

What your issues
tend to be

Despite your ambition, you consistently prioritize others’ needs, resulting in a lack of focus on your career goals and aspirations. You struggle to set professional boundaries and assert your authority, preventing you from establishing your presence as a leader. Furthermore, you doubt your ability to achieve success and compare yourself to others which hinders your growth as a leader or entrepreneur in your field.

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Ah, the story of an overachiever! You’re that dedicated professional who’s often the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave. You’re putting in extra hours, hoping your perseverance and effort would shine brightly for everyone to see. But despite all your hard work, acknowledgment and appreciation seem as elusive as a shooting star.


And then you see them. Your colleagues, fearlessly speaking up and expressing their opinions in meetings, brimming with the kind of confidence you only dream of. It’s as if they’ve mastered an art you’ve been trying so hard to grasp. Admittedly, while some part of you respects and admires them, there’s another part that can’t help but feel a twinge of envy.


Questions start to bubble up: “Why can’t that be me?” “Do I have what it takes to be a confident leader?” Self-doubt begins to suck you into a whirlpool of defeatist thoughts, and despite your earnest attempts, these questions begin to sound like a harsh verdict: “Maybe, I will never have what it takes.”


It feels even more daunting when you look around and perceive the world as a tough, unforgiving place that rewards assertiveness and ruthlessness, crushing anything gentle and compassionate in its path. Often, you worry your empathetic nature might be seen as a liability, as if kindness were a crippling disadvantage in the professional world.

you need

You need to learn how to express your needs and establish your boundaries, with templates and scripts designed to equip you with exceptional communication skills. You need an exceptional work-life balance and to realize the power of your empathetic and compassionate nature as strengths, not weaknesses, ultimately enriching your professional relationships and leadership capabilities.

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You need to stop comparing yourself to others, embrace your uniqueness and develop your strengths. You’d appreciate the support of science-based strategies, mindset tools, and positive psychology techniques to teach you how to break through your current perceived limitations, get rid of imposter syndrome and expand your thinking. 


Your emotions are often overwhelming and you don’t know how to manage them. Think of it like assembling an IKEA furniture. Navigating through your fears requires a step-by-step manual and a handy toolkit. With the right resources, you can build a sturdy foundation of self-assurance that you can truly lean on.


You feel far from your dreams but you are ready to  discover how to align yourself with the person you want to be. You often promise yourself that when ‘all the circumstances will be favorable’ you will seriously start thinking about your goals but that day never shows up so you keep delaying. 


Imagine your aspirations as a wondrous destination on a GPS, but your car can’t make the journey because it’s mired in a bog of negative thoughts and subconscious beliefs. These hidden obstacles hold you back, making the journey seem difficult, if not impossible. To free the car and guide it back on the path, you’ll require the experience of an ace mechanic, an expert who knows how to untangle your wheels from the muck, aiding you to reroute and drive confidently towards your dreams.

Deep inside, there is a powerful leader waiting to break free, ready to transform the industry with your unique vision and drive.

Career Coaching for People Pleasers

From  Pleaser  to  Powerhouse

Step #1:

Build Your Vision and Align with your Dreams

Step #2:

Break Free From the ” I am not good enough” Cycle

Step #3:

Mastering Workplace Dynamics

Step #4:

Quit Self Doubt and Negative Inner Chatter

Step #5:

Navigate challenging emotions with ease

Step #6:

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome

Step  1.

Build Your Vision and Align with your Dreams

Let’s explore what truly makes your heart sing – your core values and unique skills – to chart a course for your career that’s truly ‘you’. We’ll do this not just by talking, but by doing, through engaging exercises that take your authentic self into account. And the best part is, instead of endless worksheets, we’ll be using practical tools that feel almost like fun homework assignments. At the end of our chat in the first session, you’ll not only have a crystal-clear picture of what you want but also a ‘you-can-do-it’ plan on how to get there.

Step 2.

Break Free From the “I am not good enough” Cycle

Career coaching for people pleasers will take you on a journey into the depths of your subconscious mind, the realm of those elusive self-limiting beliefs. You know, the ones that quietly whisper “I am not good enough” and keep you feeling stuck. With careful investigation, we’ll unearth these sneaky subconscious beliefs, figure out why they’ve planted roots, and, more importantly, devise a strategy to weed them out. You’ll learn how to challenge and conquer these confining narratives, creating room for empowering beliefs that support your growth and worth.

Step 3.

Mastering Workplace Dynamics: Assertive Communication & Boundary Setting

Uncover the power of impactful assertiveness and effective communication in your professional environment. With career coaching for people pleasers, you’ll gain tools and strategies to navigate challenging conversations and confront workplace dynamics head-on. Whether it’s discussing expectations with a demanding boss or setting boundaries with a colleague who oversteps, mastering assertive communication is key.

This process hinges on acknowledging your rights in the workplace, crafting clear and concise responses, and delivering them with conviction. You will learn how to express your thoughts and concerns effectively, maintaining professionalism and respect for yourself and others.

Step 4.

Quit Self Doubt and Negative Inner Chatter

Silence the negative inner dialogue that undermines your self-esteem and perpetuates self-doubt. Develop positive self-talk strategies that foster self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-belief. Get the tools  to create a supportive internal environment that propels you forward. Career Coaching for people pleasers will equip you with the ability to nurture a flourishing mindset, one that transforms obstacles into growth opportunities and empowers you to excel on your journey

Step 5.

Navigate challenging emotions with ease

Gain valuable techniques to skillfully navigate complex emotions like guilt, fear, and self-doubt, particularly as they arise in the context of career progression, leadership, or entrepreneurship. Master the art of managing emotional triggers, creating adaptive coping strategies, and fostering emotional intelligence that supports your professional endeavors. By doing so, you’ll cultivate inner balance and poise that enhance your decision-making abilities and promote success throughout your journey toward career growth and thriving as a leader or entrepreneur.

Step 6.

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome

Counteract the paralyzing effects of imposter syndrome by unravelling your self-restricting beliefs, embracing your true capabilities, and pursueing avenues for expansion to seamlessly step into your personal power. In this transformative journey, gain an understanding of the archetypes that influence our behaviors and learn to effectively manage your inner perfectionist, ensuring it becomes a productive ally rather than a stifling adversary.

The world waits for no one – it’s ready for your unique contribution. It’s ready for you to step up and make your mark.

Enroll in an intensive 8-month transformation journey.

Career Coaching for people pleasers will help you shift from hiding in the shadows to beaming your brilliance brightly.

Hi! I’m Ludo!

I used to feel like a prisoner in a crystal castle – everything looked great from the outside, but on the inside, I felt limited and unfulfilled.

Despite achieving what others deemed as success, I was still plagued by a sense of unfulfillment.

I lived in the city of my dreams with the job I thought I wanted since age 13, I had  amazing friends and money in the bank… but I was deeply unhappy…

I had to dig deep within myself to uncover the source of this dissatisfaction. I realized that my life and career choices were not based on my own desires and passions, but rather on what others deemed as reasonable or acceptable.

It was a daunting realization, but also an empowering one. I knew that I needed to make a change, to build a future that was aligned with my own values and aspirations. It took a lot of courage,  hours of therapy and self-reflection, but the journey was worth it.

As I began to align my choices with my own values and desires, I felt a sense of liberation and purpose that I had never experienced before. It was a feeling of being true to myself, of living authentically and without compromise.

But it wasn’t just about making superficial changes in my life. It was about digging deeper, about exploring who I truly was and what I truly wanted.

By aligning my choices with my strengths, passions, and purpose, I gained a sense of clarity and purpose that had been missing from my life. My personal journey taught me that many people struggle with this same issue of not living a life that aligns with their values and aspirations. That’s why I created this 6-session program to help others achieve the same sense of fulfillment.

Through my program, I share everything I learned about self-discovery and personal growth to help others break free from living someone else’s version of their life.

With my guidance, you’ll be empowered to uncover your own strengths, passions, and purpose and start creating the future you truly desire. It’s time to take control and start living a life that’s authentically yours.


Coaching for people pleasers

Working with Ludovica as my confidence coach has truly been a life-changing experience. Before our sessions, I struggled immensely with self-doubt and felt like my voice was constantly overshadowed. However, thanks to Ludovica’s guidance, I now learnt how to confidently express myself and my relationships massively improved as a result.

– Jessica M. London, Uk
Coaching for people pleasers

I had the privilege of working with Ludovica during my career change, and it has been a transformative experience. Before our sessions, I felt stuck and uncertain about my professional path. Through thought-provoking discussions and tailored exercises, Ludovica helped me uncover my true passions and strengths. I am now filled with excitement and drive as I pursue a fulfilling and meaningful professional journey.

– Hannah, Scotland, Uk
Coaching for people pleasers

I cannot recommend Ludovica enough as a confidence coach. From the very first session, I felt a deep sense of understanding and acceptance. Ludovica’s ability to uncover my strengths and empower me to tap into my inner power has been nothing short of transformative. I now navigate life with a renewed sense of self-worth and authenticity.

– Rita M, Leeds, U

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What's included?

  • 10 x 60 minutes live coaching sessions, tailor-made to deliver powerful transformations centered around self-improvement and empowerment.
  • E-mail support whenever you need it.
  • Comprehensive resource kit complete with strategies, tools, and audio guides.
  • A 10-module digital course designed specifically to enhance assertiveness with kindness and empathy.
  • Thoughtfully curated worksheets and journal prompts tailored for self-discovery and personal growth.

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Coaching for people pleasers

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